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"After working with the same accountant for many years we found ourselves in the position of needing to make a change. We did this with great hesitation and we have been thrilled with our choice. Whenever I have a question, I can almost always call and get an immediate answer. Failing that, someone always calls me back in a timely fashion. Communication is excellent, I always know what's needed to be done and why. The reports we receive are clear so we know exactly where we stand every month. Everyone is easy to work with and pleasant to speak with. Since my time is limited it has been a great asset to have an accounting team who understand and respect that. Thank you."

Susan Donetti, Integrative Veterinary Care - Livermore, CA


"In addition to being one of the nicest professionals you'll ever meet, Julie is a skilled and expert CPA. She speaks from a position of knowledge and experience and approaches her responsibilities with a dedication and exactitude that carefully balances accounting principals and practical methods. Both professional and personable, I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Julie and her team and have appreciated her counsel as our relationship has developed. I'm very happy that our paths crossed and I would highly recommend Julie and her firm."

Richard Israel, Restaurant Owner - Pleasanton, CA


"JL Consulting has taken the time to make me feel like an important client. They saved me a ton of money at tax time and have helped me to get my Quickbooks running smoothly. I don't know what I would have done without Julie and her team. In my book they are #1."

Michelle Taus, California Stampin' - Pleasanton, CA


“Really Great Accountant: Smart and Fast. Knows the ins and outs of corporations too.. Recommended!”

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Max Y
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“For years, I’ve always done my own taxes. When I was in college, it was very simple: put in the amount of money you made, the amount of taxes you had pulled out, and get a refund or pay taxes. As I got older, and my life became enriched with a career, taxes became a little less straight forward, but still easily managed through popular available tax software. A few years ago, I made my first major purchase when I sold my 1 bedroom condo for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath townhouse in anticipation of the birth of my son; my first and currently my only child. Shortly after moving in, I gave birth to my son, and then was part of a company-wide layoff. Now my taxes started to become less manageable and more complicated. In lieu of losing my house and all my savings, I opted to turn my home dwelling into a rental unit and move out of the area for work, further complicating my taxes. When I sold my property, I was no longer able to muster through the taxes on my own. Using traditional software with limited tax knowledge, I ended up owing the government over $12,000. I needed a professional, and I needed one fast. Being a single mom, I needed someone to save my taxes, and to save me from financial ruin. Julie Loomis was recommended to me by my financial advisor, and I’ve never looked back. Not only was she able to rescue my taxes, she found some tax advantages that allowed for a refund. When I thought all was lost, and I would surely owe the government for the rest of my life, Julie thoroughly reviewed all of my financial records, and gave me the tax support I needed. I have since recommended her to friends in and around the community. She’s great, very professional, and her team works to get your taxes finished in a reasonable amount of time. I will definitely use her again!”

Rebecca Schwarz, Brentwood, CA